A ROBOTT-NET Pilot will be a medium-scale research prototype installation, lasting for up to 18 months, developing the technology and business case explored in the Voucher stage and applying it to an industrial application demonstration at the End User’s site. A Pilot could include new disruptive robotics technology applied to an existing commercial sector, or established robotics technology applied to a new application field..

ROBOTT-NET is looking for Pilots that will scale well across new applications and create high impact on markets through enhanced productivity, competition and disruption. Both scalability and market impact are key measures in the Pilot application.


There are two Pilot calls, the first call for submission opens on 3rd July 2017 and will remain open until 30th September 2017. The second call for submission opens on 1st December 2017 and will remain open until 28th February 2018. Applications can be submitted any time during the call periods. All the applications submitted before the first cut-off date will be evaluated and the results communicated to the applicants on 15th December 2017. The approved applications will be able to start their Pilot work shortly after the results are announced and they have signed the Pilot Agreement. The rejected applications will be able to re-submit an improved version before the second cut-off date.

The schedule and deadlines for Pilot application submission are as follows:

  • First Call open: 3rd July 2017
  • First cut-off date: 30th September 2017, 24h00 Brussels Time
  • Second Call open: 1st December 2017
  • Second cut-off date (and call closing): 28st February 2018, 24h00 Brussels Time

ROBOTT-NET’s goal is to select a maximum of 5 winning Pilots at the evaluation after the first cut-off date. However, based on the expert evaluation of Pilot applications, the Steering Committee reserves the right to select less than 5 Pilots. As a total of 8 Pilots will be selected for the entire call, the number of winning Pilots at each of the two cut-off dates may not be the same. Applicants are therefore encouraged to submit their application before the first cut-off date, rather than waiting until the second cut-off date.


The submission of Pilot applications will consist of a single-step email process. The submission email must contain;

  • Completed application template (PDF format)
  • Excel based project plan (PDF format)
  • Presentation pack (PDF format)
  • Supporting videos or web link (optional)

The email size limit is 20MB. Emails larger than 20MB will be automatically rejected by the system. If larger files are required, such as the supporting video, applicants are encouraged to use any cloud storage system of their choosing and submit a download link in the submission email. If your application is successfully submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt within 48 working hours. This acknowledgement receipt does not imply that the application has been accepted as eligible for evaluation. You may submit multiple versions of the same application. Only the last submitted version before the cut-off date is considered for evaluation.


The information requested for the application is securely stored on a server and will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. It will only be accessed by the assigned expert evaluators and a reduced project team in charge of the evaluation process. The ONLY PUBLIC information of the application is the Project Summary, consisting up to a 3000-character description that will be used for promotional purposes, as a way to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas among applicants, in particular between academia and industry, which is one of the key objectives of ROBOTT-NET project. Please make sure that no confidential information is included as part of the project summary. In addition, take into account that the application should not disclose any details regarding how the technology works. The relevant aspect for Pilot application concerns the technology features from the perspective of the problem, not the solution.

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