• Health care robots

Service summary

The health care sector is strongly affected by the demographic change, taking place in most European countries. Service robot technologies offer the potential to support health care workers and increase the productivity of health care work. One focus of robots for health care is relieving health care workers from work, which is not directly connected with taking care of the patient. Another focus is robots, which help ill or elderly people in their daily lives. ROBOTT-NET RTOs have been involved in the development of such systems for a long time. ROBOTT-NET offers services to companies who want to use robot technologies for health care applications. The following lists the services ROBOTT-NET provides to companies.

  •          Market study
  •          Automation potential analysis
  •          Concept development
  •          Proof of concept study
  •          System evaluation
  •          System testing
  •          Product development consulting

Below, you can explore examples of ROBOTT-NET RTOS working with health care robots:

Health care robots

In a ROBOTT-NET voucher project Fraunhofer IPA has worked together with F&P robotics AG to evaluate their robot in hospital environments. Nurses in hospitals spend a significant amount of work with preparation and administrative tasks. The shortage of qualified personnel encourages hospitals to focus the work of nurses on their key tasks - medical treatments and care. The project Robot Assistant for Nurses (RAN) aimed to automate the very frequent and labour-intensive task of material preparation before the taking of blood samples.