• Robotic welding

Service summary

Robotic welding has been an enabling technology for the success of today’s automotive manufacturers. It was one of the first applications for industrial robots. However, one major problem of robotic welding today is that it is not suitable for small and often changing lot sizes. The time needed for programming new weld seams is too long to be rentable. This problem often affects small or medium sized companies who in comparison to large companies do not have experience with robotic welding. ROBOTT-NET has vast experience in the area of robotic welding. We provide services to help these companies decide whether robotic welding is a solution for their business and develop new robotic welding solutions with and for companies. The exact services we provide to companies within the technology service robotic welding are listed below:

  • Market study
  • Competitor analysis
  • Automation potential analysis
  • Concept development
  • Proof of concept study
  • System evaluation
  • System testing
  • Product development consulting

Below, you can explore examples of ROBOTT-NET RTOs working with robotic welding:

Robotic welding

The Piccolo project will bring the new generation of efficient robot programming for small lot size welding to SME shop floors. Cognitive technologies enable the robot system to automatically recognize possible weld seams on the products’ CAD model in the way a human welder would look at a workpiece and know where to weld it.

Russell Finex’s spiral resonators require small welds of exceptionally high quality or risk failure in use. MTC designed a custom fixturing solution that enables Russell Finex to assemble many different resonator designs without having to changeover tooling.