• Vision systems

Service summary

Vision systems are an important part of today’s robot applications. For instance, lawn mower robots, vacuum robots, autonomous cars as well as bin picking robots all have in common that they need a vision system to capture their environment. The requirements of vision systems differ from application to application. Therefore, ROBOTT-NET can provide specialists for vision systems, which help companies decide which vision system they should use for their robot application. The services ROBOTT-NET provides for this technology are listed below.

  •          Market study
  •          Competitor Analysis
  •          Automation potential analysis
  •          Concept development
  •          Proof of concept study
  •          System evaluation
  •          System testing
  •         Product development consulting

Vision systems

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The potential for implementing robotics and vision systems in waste sorting is very unexplored at the moment. DTI has together with Refined Technologies developed a robot waste sorting system, based on AI vision systems to recognized batteries and electronic waste. This technology paves the way for better work environment for employees and is a key step towards better reuse of waste:

Fraunhofer IPA has developed many technologies which combine these technologies for example in robotic welding, bin picking or for autonomous robots.

In the frame of the “CROMATEK” voucher and Pilot in collaboration with CENVISA Tecnalia has contributed to the development of an automated system to surface inspection on specular surfaces as in chromed parts used in automotive sector.