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    DGH Robótica, Automatización y Mantenimiento Industrial S.A.

Project summary

Robotic cell for automated cutting frozen fish; FroFish: Cutting frozen fish into pieces

Development of a system able to replace the traditional way of cutting frozen fish in food industry. Thanks to different technologies related to robotics and machinery vision like 3D Model Recognition is possible to automate the frozen fish cutting. Increasing human safety and the efficiency of the process, by an adaptive system which maximizes the use of the product, are the key aspects of this initiative.

DGH Robótica, Automatización y Mantenimiento Industrial

DGH has been designing, implementing and commissioning integrated projects and services in industrial settings for more than 40 years, with an extensive national and international coverage. We started out in the automotive industry, one of the most complex and demanding sectors, and thereafter extended our activities to sectors such as food, aeronautics, construction and new technologies, inter alia. At this time, we employ a staff of more than 250 professionals with skills and competitive experience in industrial engineering (design, development and commissioning of projects and facilities), integrated industrial maintenance and process consultancy.

Contribution from RTOs

Technology support

  • Analysis of the potential of vision systems (DGH expertise).
  • Identification of other fish scanning methods (DTI).
  • Analysis of the potential of other vision systems (3D based cutting lines concept developing)
  • Definition of the system, cell position and possible testing.
  • Feasibility of the cell installation (implementation requirements, costs and risks identification)


Business mentoring / Community building

  • SoA current solutions, competitors and potential partners
  • SoA current robots, cameras and mechanics under weather-aggressive conditions.
  • Business model definition.

Impact (expected)


  • Creation of a new business line related to the core business of the company.
  • Introduction of a new concept to the whole range of seafood companies that process big frozen fishes as raw material.



  • Ensure wide use of shared resources.
  • Contribute to the building of the European robotics community.
  • Addressing pressing technological challenges.
  • Deploy robotics technologies in new application domains.
  • Enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowldege.
  • Environmental and socially important impact (Impact on job creation).
  • Removing the barriers to market.

DGH Robótica, Automatización y Mantenimiento Industrial